Internet of Things: Syfy’s 12 Monkeys will mess with the lights in some viewers’ homes

Syfy’s 12 Monkeys will mess with the lights in some viewers’ homes Syfy has announced that it’ll be giving certain viewers the option to let the network take control of their home’s lighting systems during broadcasts of its upcoming series 12 Monkeys. The new show—based on the

Corporate Buddhism

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Parallels between design and research, perils of design research

Today I read ”What is Interpretive Ethnography?” by H. L. Goodall Jr. in the collection Expressions of Ethnography, for my methods section of my dissertation. I also read some chapters from Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton, for the undergrad course I’m teaching in user experience design. Goodall writes: “Scholars

“The deepest level of communication is not communication, but communion”

I stand among you as one who offers a small message of hope, that first, there are always people who dare to seek on the margin of society, who are not dependent on social acceptance, not dependent on social routine, and prefer a kind of free-floating existence

Susan Sontag on speaking, words, language

It’s not ‘natural’ to speak well, eloquently, in an interesting articulate way. People living in groups, families, communes say little—have few verbal means. Eloquence—thinking in words—is a byproduct of solitude, deracination, a heightened painful individuality. Susan Sontag, 1976, As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals & Notebooks

midcenturymodernfreak: Radio Assembly Line - Via

cyborgdrala: I recently watched the first season of Black Mirror (UK), and I definitely want to use these in a course. Interestingly, when I was searching for an image for this post, I was seeking one, from “The Entire History of You,” especially, that included technology (I suppose

All major trends constituting our new, confusing world are related, and we can make sense of their interrelationship Manuel Castells, The Rise of the Network Society, 2nd ed., p. 4

Stop Trying to Save the World hcde418w15: Big ideas are destroying international development. A sobering read on unintended consequences. What are your takeaways? Mine are: There are always unintended consequences of introducing new technology/designs Designers absolutely must take an ecological (“relationships”) approach Let’s educate people and help

Without a doubt design is to be seen as a normative enterprise Peter G. Rowe, Design Thinking (1987), p. 37

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