Proof I’m creative! I proudly preach the gospel of the liberal arts education and believe everything you learn informs everything you do . Same goes for creativity. Creating things creates kernels of other things that eventually show up somewhere. Here are some kernels.

Long Distance Love Affair

I met my husband when I was home for Christmas. We dated long distance before we got married. 4 weeks before I visited for the first time after we met, I started sending him these postcards, once a week. The night I got home, I surprised him, with the last postcard (without numbers) in hand.

Sketchbook 2

Some pages from my current sketchbook.

Cards and Collage

Decopage was my first crafting love. I make collages on all manner of cardboard salvaged from cereal boxes and more. More coming soon.


Pages from a sketchbook. I like to copy other people's drawings so I feel competent. Feeling competent can do wonders (for all facets of your life!). Some things in here I copied, some I made up. I rendered 'em all, though.