Baby Mementos Home Visits & Interviews (coming soon)

We are interested in designing technology to help parents of young children track developmental progress and identify early warning signs for developmental delay. To motivate developmental record-keeping and reduce the anxiety surrounding tracking for health purposes, we are framing our technology as a tool for keeping sentimental records and memories.

The purpose of this study is to understand the design requirements for designing such a system by talking to potential users about keeping sentimental records on their child, such as photos or scrapbooks.

Research methods were qualitative and quantitative, including:

  1. home visits where I interviewed parents and children and had them bring out and discuss sentimental objects from the children’s and the parents’ baby years
  2. surveys on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk gathering similar information about a single object.

Funded by National Science Foundation award 1210176. Collaborators: Julie Kientz, Nikki Lee.

More coming soon.