Millenials’ Social TV-Watching Behavior

My role: Research Assistant for Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

Short study description: Conducted interviews and in-home observations (ethnography lite) of 20-somethings to learn more about behaviors revolving around TV watching, focusing on social dynamics and technology use.

Summary of my contributions: Video recorded observations; edited video and described each clip. Analyzed qualitative data (transcripts, field notes, video); wrote detailed report of themes, supported with examples.

Lessons learned: First time collaborating on research wholly remotely, which requires constant and clear communication on progress. First time doing in-home observations; felt comfortable in-home with participants. Felt less comfortable video recording them, so I set up the tri-pod rather than sit with them and record them. My manager wished for more detailed shots; next time I’ll have to swallow my fear and sit with them to record them. (However, my detailed field notes made up for what the ill-placed video lacked.)


  • (.docx) - I video recorded 8 hours of field observations, then edited the 8 hours of video into clips. This is the document I made describing each clip, to support others working with this data by making it easier for them to know what clip to look for, and what its timestamp is. In this file, if you tun on mark-up mode, you can also see some coding I did of this qualitative data.
  • (.docx) - For this study, I took my laptop with me and sat at a table behind the participant(s), taking notes almost the entire time.
  • (.docx) - A final report of my findings from my single participant. Sections for this report were defined by the project lead. The meat of my analysis begins on page 6.