Sharing Google Calendars

Short study description: Interviewed individuals who share Google Calendars with others to understand the role calendar sharing plays in their relationships.

My position: Research Assistant for the Computer Supported Collaboration (CSC) Lab , Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering, University of Washington

Primary roles: Project manager, interviewer

Summary of my contributions: Managed a group of ~5 graduate students conducting a research study. Housekeeping: recruited and scheduled participants, maintained files, satisfied Human Subjects requirements. Interviewed participants. Used Atlas.TI for qualitative data analysis.

Lessons learned:

  • Managing teams and recruiting and scheduling participants is a lot of work (to do well).
  • Empirical, grounded analysis of qualitative data is much more time-consuming than affinity diagramming, but more reliable.
  • Interviewing friends is comfortable, but they may be less forthcoming .
  • Atlas.TI is a powerful tool for qualitative data analysis.
  • Researching a product someone with money values may mean more money for you.


  • None