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cyborgdrala: I recently watched the first season of Black Mirror (UK), and I definitely want to use these in a course. Interestingly, when I was searching for an image for this post, I was seeking one, from “The Entire History of You,” especially, that included technology (I suppose

People’s relationships with objects. People’s relationships with tools? Why is the relationship of this person’s mother, and this person, with this object, so strong that this person would post an open call on facebook for someone — someone she knows, and has friended on facebook, therefore implicitly

algopop: Lonely Sculpture, 2014 – Tully Arnot Lonely Sculpture is a mechanised silicon finger that endlessly taps an approval for every profile it encounters on the dating app Tinder.  Is this cyborg? Is it human at all? Typically when I think of our cyborg existence I think

captainlitebrite: when there’s Some Big Meme sweeping the internet but it never crosses your dash so all you see is the remix meme and you’ve gotta sherlock holmes your way to the original like some kind of historical memeologist

A Growing Number of Trans Americans Are ‘Crowdfunding’ Their Gender Transitions For transgender people, who face employment discrimination, anti-trans health insurance policies and a bevy of other financial hurdles, “coming out” can come with a price tag…. Talk about cyborg. Crowdfunding medical procedures.

Netflix Is Defining the Canon for an Entire Generation This essay originally appeared on Dear Television, a Los Angeles Review of Books blog. Visit the LARB for smart daily essays on books, TV, and culture. When I was an undergrad, my professor would talk about stars and

I just went through the complicated process of signing up for a Google Voice number (hey, Google, I can do user research to help you improve this experience and the product!). I was totally annoyed that I had to just GUESS potential numbers I could use. I

Why should our bodies end at the skin, or include at best other beings encapsulated by skin? Donna Haraway, A Manifesto for Cyborgs (via incomprehensiblescribbles)

radianthour: The cyborg does not dream of community on the model of the organic family, this time without the oedipal project. The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust.

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