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I’m currently “downloading” 10.8 GB of “Buddhist ebooks.” In Buddhism, there’s the idea of revering (as in, treating with reverence and respect) dharma materials, because they represent the Truth, the teachings passed down for thousands of years. For example, at a field visit recently, I and other

I have long appreciated and taught the value of thinking through drawing. Yet, I rarely participate in projects where the problem I’m thinking is will have a “product” design outcome, or some type of outcome that is something other than wordsy (curriculum, research plans, dissertation project, etc.).

Yesterday in Design Thinking, a graduate class I’m taking in my department, Human Centered Design & Engineering, taught by The Fabulous Daniela Rosner, we wrote and refined problem statements for our design projects. “HMW” in the photo below is an abbreviation for How Might We, a phrase