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mrsqueenundead: European executioner’s mask, pre 1700 – because being executed just wasn’t scary enough.. A striking example of a material-discursive apparatus: Wikipedia explains, “Apparatuses are ‘material-discursive’ in that they produce determinate meanings and material beings while simultaneously excluding the production of others” [x]*; I would add that

A Growing Number of Trans Americans Are ‘Crowdfunding’ Their Gender Transitions For transgender people, who face employment discrimination, anti-trans health insurance policies and a bevy of other financial hurdles, “coming out” can come with a price tag…. Talk about cyborg. Crowdfunding medical procedures.

This is disturbing. Racist, and still built on the assumption of a fundamental gender dichotomy. I know it’s just a movie, but ideas built this, and media builds the world!  And something about the rhythm of the movements in the two giffs, looping, and looping, and looping…