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From A Mighty Girl: ‘Nigeria’s first female mechanic, Sandra Aguebor-Ekperouh, has trained 700 other women as mechanics since 2004 through her non-profit organization, Nigeria’s Lady Mechanic Initiative. By “teaching other women how to fish,” Aguebor-Ekperouh explains, she makes it possible for them to find skilled, well-paying jobs

A Growing Number of Trans Americans Are ‘Crowdfunding’ Their Gender Transitions For transgender people, who face employment discrimination, anti-trans health insurance policies and a bevy of other financial hurdles, “coming out” can come with a price tag…. Talk about cyborg. Crowdfunding medical procedures.

I just went through the complicated process of signing up for a Google Voice number (hey, Google, I can do user research to help you improve this experience and the product!). I was totally annoyed that I had to just GUESS potential numbers I could use. I